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Meeting Minutes from Thursday May 3, 2018 11:30AM

Participants:  Grace Axler-DiPerte, Elizabeth Mulligan, Nicole Beveridge


  1. Nicole shared her experiences with Team Based Learning and IF/AT cards, Trivia games using analog methods and Quizlet are also helpful in her lessons.
  2. Elizabeth shared the results of her structure/function game developed in the previous meeting.
    1. Students were engaged and enjoyed participating
    2. Game would be better by refining the categories and adding pictures to make relationships between structure and function more clear.
    3. Used simple notecards to make the game, did not take much time.
  3. We discussed developing games to aid in “Deep Reading” and reading comprehension.
    1. Cut up reading and summarize meanings and have students make matches
    2. Students may write a passage for another team of students to interpret
    3. Scavenger hunts where students need to find clues or deeper meaning in the reading passages
  4. Next meeting will review results from these activities and look into ways to use games to stimulate interest prior to a lesson.

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