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Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 29, 2018, 11:30AM

Participants:  Grace Axler-DiPerte (Facilitator), Elizabeth Mulligan

  1. We discussed a lesson for that was a bit dry and confusing to students.
    • Used Joe Bisz’s “Complex Mechanics” game cards to “gamify” the lesson.
    • Card sorting was discussed of pictures for structure, and words for function relationships in biology
      • Students can sort in teams to increase collaboration and discussion
      • Game could be made more difficult by using functions as sorting bins and pictures as materials to sort.
      • Game could go deeper into exploring a particular concept by changing the sorting bins and items.
      • Pictionary was also discussed as a good mechanic for exploring structure and function relationships.
  2. Discussion of ready made “educational games”. Why re-invent the wheel?
    1. We played a ready made game from “Genius Games” called Virulence. The game is themed around viruses, however did not provide much insight into the scientific concepts taught in a college level class.
  3. Next meeting will focus on follow up of how the previously brainstormed game worked in the upcoming lesson.

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