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Game Development Worksheet

With plenty of inspiration from GBL resources around the Internet, I have compiled a brainstorming worksheet to help you start to structure your game or activity idea using a “backwards design” approach.

Game Development Worksheet

Game Based Learning Resources to Explore

Background and Strategies

Gamification vs. Game-Based Learning

An article that reviews the difference between these two terms. This FIG focuses on the use of “serious games”, not necessarily “gamification” which incentivizes and provides feedback to students as if the entire course was a game.


The CUNY Games Network on CUNY Academic Commons:


This site provides a wealth of information on designing and effectively using games in the classroom. It also posts announcements for local Game Based Learning conferences and workshops.

Choosing the Right Game for your Lesson:


A great blog post by Joe Bisz, a CUNY professor and expert on Game Based Learning. This article is a great place to get started if you are interested in the pros and cons of a specific game type.


Joe Bisz’s Website:


Contains information on his game-designing game, “What’s your game plan?” You may also join his e-mail list to receive information about a game design course he plans to periodically offer.


Game Based Learning Applied to Geoscience


A website by the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College. Provides a nice overview of the basics of GBL, as well as some references.


Tools You Can Use

Goose Chase

An online scavenger hunt platform, that you can tailor to your class objectives. It lets your students use their smartphones to compete against each other in a scavenger hunt.




Create an augmented reality game (think Pokemon Go!) for your class.


StarLogo Nova


A tool to create 3D computer simulations.


Analog Games

There are many commercial websites that produce custom board games, widgets, cards and pieces. Simply google “Custom Board Games” and many such as Gamecrafter, and Board Games Maker will come up.