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Meeting Minutes 5/08/19

Kingsborough Community College

The City University of New York

Department of Biological Sciences


Game Based Learning (GBL) Faculty Interest Group (FIG) – Notes from Meeting

Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 11:30am, M391

Grace Axler-DiPerte, Facilitator


Participants:    Grace Axler-DiPerte, Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Jocelyn Figueroa, Mary Ortiz


Meeting began at 11:30am.

  1. Grace welcomed everyone.
  2. Mary spoke about the card game she did in Biostatistics as a result of input from the last meeting.
  3. Grace spoke about a carbon cycle game. She also said that she needs ideas for an industrial micro game.  For food micro she will “build a food” and use photos.
  4. Jocelyn spoke of a D&D-like project she has done with 5th graders where they come together to solve problems to get through a dungeon. They also play a game where they create scenes/scenarios for the rest of the class to do a quest (story).
  5. We discussed word problems.
  6. Loretta explained that she will be teaching BIO1 on-line in the fall, and asked for input/ideas for activities for the students to do on-line. Ideas were discussed regarding nutrition, the carbon cycle, and who can make the healthiest taco.
  7. Grace spoke about Taleblazer.
  8. Jocelyn spoke about and suggested Discord Bots, where you can create bots/games.
  9. Grace brought “Snake Oil” for us to play. We played a few rounds and discussed how we can adapt the game for our subject areas.
  10. Next meeting: May 29, 2019, 11:30am, M391 (hopefully). Grace will send out a notice.
  11. Meeting ended at 12:40pm.

Notes respectfully submitted by Mary Theresa Ortiz

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