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Meeting Minutes 03-18-22

Game Based Learning (GBL) Faculty Interest Group (FIG)

Friday, Mar 18, 2022, 1:50pm via Zoom

Grace Axler-DiPerte, Facilitator

Participants: Grace Axler-DiPerte (KCC BIO), Lilja Neilsen (KCC BIO), Mary Ortiz (KCC BIO), Christina Colon (KCC BIO) Victoria Somogyi (LGA; ENG), Olga Kagan (SPS), Tamika Twiggs-Jennings (KCC Continuing Education)

Meeting began at 1:50pm.

  1. Recap of the CUNY Games Conference 8.0 which occurred on 1/27 and 1/28/2022, via Zoom. The program can be viewed here: https://games.commons.gc.cuny.edu/cgc2022/
    1. Highlights included a rapid version of “What’s Your Game Plan?” designed by Joe Bisz, Designing for HyFlex, and Universal Design in Gaming. There were also idea exchanges surrounding virtual escape rooms, and mini-games.
    2. The CUNY Games Network will be hosting “First Friday” Idea Exchange events. The theme will be “Bring What’s Broken” on April 1st, 2022.  Bring your “broken” classroom activities and discuss with others on how to “fix” them using game mechanics. Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUqdu-grzwsHtFriR56YgdvoFGvJYiqznn5
  2. Tamika shared ways she uses games like Minecraft to teach elementary students sustainability. Playing in create mode to design, with unlimited access to resources, followed by survival mode can help determine if the design was sustainable, and also encourage community and collaboration among players.
  3. Victoria shared about her experience using mini-games to develop story writing in her students.
  4. Discussion about the use of cooperative games like Forbidden Island, Angry Dragons and Fish (https://fishgame.cloudinstitute.org/).
    1. Some games do not translate the same to online gaming, as people sometimes behave differently in person than they do online. Certain lessons and nuances of the games may be different depending on modality.
  5. This semester the FIG will explore online escape rooms. How to make, and how to assess whether students do, and learn from them.
    1. Today we went through the basic structure of a simple escape room we will work on together this semester in the Google suite of applications.
    2. Discussed how to gauge participation and collect responses.
  6. Meeting ended at 2:50PM

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