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Meeting Minutes 11/30/2022

Game Based Learning (GBL) Faculty Interest Group (FIG) – Notes from Meeting Three

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 at 12PM

Grace Axler-DiPerte, Facilitator

Participants: Grace Axler-DiPerte (KCC BIO), Mary Ortiz (KCC BIO), Thomas Lavazzi (KCC ENG), Jeffery Delgado (KCC LIBRARY)

Meeting began at 12:00PM.

  1. Announcements:
  2. Mary shared she is going to try and encourage students to think abstractly by completing a math problem for prizes at the beginning of her next lab session. She will use a timing mechanic (first group finished), and introduce levels (once an easy problem is finished, students are challenged with a more difficult one).
  3. Jeffrey shared an information literacy game he is developing, which is a tabletop RPG.
    • We discussed character and story development, student choice, and scavenger hunts as a game mechanic in role playing.
  4. Jeffery also shared that the KCC Library offers classes in Information Literacy to supplement existing courses at KCC. There is a link on the Library website to sign up.  The modules can be done in-person or online (synchronously or asynchronously).
  5. Tom shared that he is continuing to develop his randomizer and Word Cloud activities using flippity.net tools, and will test his templates for students to use to develop their own activities based on coursework.
  6. We finished the meeting by introducing TaleBlazer (taleblazer.org), a product of the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program.
    • This is a free to use and play, cloud-based software that can be used to develop location based augmented reality games.
    • Next semester we will explore this tool in more detail and continue discussing existing ideas and development.
  7. A doodle poll will be sent out sometime in February of 2023 to schedule the Spring meetings.
    • A doodle poll will be sent to the KCC Faculty list, and the current FIG mailing list. Contact Grace if you would like to join our mailing list for future meetings. Contact information is on the homepage or through KCTL.

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