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Meeting Minutes 5/19/23

Game Based Learning (GBL) Faculty Interest Group (FIG) – Notes from Meeting Three

Friday April 21, 2023 at 1PM

Grace Axler-DiPerte, Facilitator

Participants: Grace Axler-DiPerte (KCC BIO), Lilja Nielsen (KCC BIO), Victoria Somoygi (LaGuardia ELA), Jeffery Delgado (KCC LIB), Annice Paolino (KCC BUS), Amy Haas (KCC BUS)

  • We began with Jeffery discussing his grant to further develop his information literacy tabletop RPG.
    • He is navigating the IRB to be able to do research using his game.
    • Explores the six pillars of Information Literacy, students get points for identifying aspects during the players’ gaming experiences. This is an excellent way to ensure learning and review of concepts during the game.
    • The game was shortened to be played in a single 90-minute session. We discussed how shortening games to a single meeting can help make the game more accessible and useful for teaching and review, as opposed to a multi-meeting investment.
  • Amy shared an escape room she created for her online students currently using team-based learning.
    • Her escape room is Google Slides-based and uses letters as keys to unscramble the final lock.
    • The topic is “Recording Transactions”.
    • Students complete the escape room during a Zoom meeting where the rotating team leader shares their screen. The course is a hybrid course.
    • The locks are simple and point to where students need to find clues.
    • An example escape room made by Grace can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/ye2yymhm (How to make an Escape Room).
    • We discussed how the role playing aspect of the escape rooms facilitates interactions among students
  • Lilja discussed her use of Jeopardy-style games, and role playing as parts of a muscle contraction in her in-person classes, but is teaching online and wants to move some playful activities there.
  • Jeffery mentioned Kahoot! as a possibility. We discussed ways to use Kahoot! asynchronously and motivating students to achieve a particular score by winning against the professor.  Students can submit proof of completion by screenshotting their final score screen.
  • Amy shared Crossword Labs (com/ ) as a way to create team crossword puzzles online. Discussed ways to use TBL in hybrid classes.
  • Spoke about moving in-person games online using Discussion Boards
    • Can have students make riddles and clues based on the topic, which their classmates can solve and present text-evidence that led them to their answer.
    • Add a constraint to make it more challenging like Up-Goer 5 or only use one-syllable words, or introduce “forbidden words” that can not be used.
  • Annice discussed her use of Kahoot! as a pre-test during in-person classes. She also uses randomization during role play by having students pull charades type prompts out of a hat.  Online she uses assignment choice to facilitate Universal Design.
  • Victoria uses a win-against the professor competition in her classes, challenging students to write a shorter paragraph than her in her ELA classes to teach concise writing.
  • A doodle poll will be sent out in late August to set meeting times for Fall 2023.
  • Have a great summer!

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