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10-16-17 Meeting Minutes


Participants:    Grace Axler-DiPerte, Keston Boyce, Tian Cai, Devin Camenares, Mary Ortiz

  1. Grace welcomed all and discussed the purpose of the meeting – to pool resources, learn how to use games in the classroom.
  2. Grace discussed how this FIG came about – she and Mary wanted to create a metabolism game for use in microbiology. They also attended the CUNY Games Conference two years ago.
  3. Grace gave background info on GBLs where a whole course is a game, and on serious games that have a direct educational component. Games can be simple.  They don’t have to be complex.
  4. Last semester we discussed different games and how to incorporate them into our classes, regardless of subject area.
  5. Grace asked each of us to share GBL approaches we take in our classes:
    1. Mary (Bio)– spoke of games she used/uses, such as A&P Feud. Discussion followed.
    2. Tian (Math) – has individual competitions with “Catch my mistakes”. Discussion followed.
    3. Devin (Bio) – has done “Jeopardy” exercises and uses Chess. Discussion followed.
    4. Keston (ASAP) – is working with “at risk” students and looking for GBL ideas to engage his students. Discussion followed.
  6. Grace mentioned the article she had sent out to everyone on what you want your game to accomplish. She also went over the “What’s your game plan?” game we got at the last CUNY Games Conference.
  7. Grace distributed the sheet, “Game Development Organizer” and went over it. It is about how to develop a game.
  8. We discussed the idea of a 24-hour clock game (“Beat the Clock”) to help students better organize the time in their day.
  9. The CUNY Games Festival will be on Jan 22-23, 2018. You can join via Peatix.
  10. We can also join the CUNY Academic Commons games community. The gaming community is collaborative.
  11. More resources are the MIT STEP Lab, Sheller Education Labs For Teaching, and Tailblazer.
  12. We tried a couple rounds of Apples-to-Apples.
  13. A notice will go out for our next meeting. It will be on a Monday at 12:40pm.
  14. Meeting ended at 1:40pm.

Notes respectfully submitted by Mary Theresa Ortiz

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